4 years

Our pre-k program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten while they gain the independence they will need. We have qualified teachers to implement our curriculum. Each day in class the students will work on math, reading, language/literacy, science, art and social skills.

The Handwriting without Tears program incorporates hands-on activities and multisensory teaching strategies that build good handwriting habits early. Your teaching will engage students, with music, movement, fine motor activities, and child friendly language. 

Developing Skill
New Skill


  • Encourages Positive Behaviors
  • Builds Relationships With Classmates
  • Takes Turns Without Conflict
  • Recognizes Similarities and DIfferences in Classmates

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Hand Preference - Right or Left
  • Participates in Physical Activities
  • Uses Correct Writing Grip
  • Uses Scissors With More Accuracy

Cognitive Development

  • Recognition of Letters and Numbers
  • Recognition of Shapes and Colors
  • Perform Simple Math and Science
  • Drawing a Person More Accurately

Language and Communication

  • Write His or Her Name
  • Identify Letters and Sounds
  • Recognizes Names and Friends Names
  • Tell a Story Using Beginning, Middle, and End

Self Help

  • Wash Hands Unassisted
  • Use Bathroom Without the Assistance of Staff
  • Assist in Dumping Tray After Meals

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  • Parent Handbook

    Prior to enrolling your child please review and sign the handbook.

  • Photo Consent Form

    All pictures will be in good taste, and can be removed at the parent’s request. 

  • Medical History Form

    To best take care of your child, please make us aware of allergies and medical conditions.

  • Emergency Release Form

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