Advanced Pre-K

5 years

If your child missed the kindergarten cut-off date or you just want to wait another year for them to start kindergarten, this is the place for them. If they have mastered everything they need to know in pre-k, Advanced Pre-K will be a good fit. We have qualified teachers working alongside your child to challenge them and keep them engaged. By this time your Child has a good foundation for learning. They will know their letters, numbers, letter sounds, how to write simple words, tell stories, communicate with an adult, sit for circle time, engage in science experiments, and do simple math.

Developing Skill
New Skill


  • Expresses Feelings
  • Carries on Conversations
  • Continues to Establish and Maintain Friendships
  • Resolves Conflict

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Hand Preference is Established
  • Correct Pencil Grip
  • Colors Within Lines
  • Cuts and Pastes Easily

Cognitive Development

  • Can Draw a Person
  • Learns Phone # and Address
  • Performs Math and Science Activities
  • Strives to Count to 100
  • Understanding Time

Language and Communication

  • Writes Name With Accuracy
  • Knows Letters and Corresponding Sounds
  • Can Retell a Story
  • Beginner Readers

Self Help

  • Ties Shoes

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  • Parent Handbook

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  • Photo Consent Form

    All pictures will be in good taste, and can be removed at the parent’s request. 

  • Medical History Form

    To best take care of your child, please make us aware of allergies and medical conditions.

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