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Why Us?

  1. It's Safe and Clean

    We pride ourselves in a clean and organized facility, and feel that plays a big role in the children's health, education, and well-being. Our childcare centers are all equipped with a security system that allows access into the building only with a key fob or access card. Each classroom and common areas all have daily cleaning schedules, as well as city and state health and safety requirements to follow.

  2. Fresh Meals Every Day

    Each location has its own full time cook, with a full kitchen.  We prepare all meals on site daily.  While following requirements to promote healthy eating habits, First Adventure goes a step farther in our meal preparation.  We look to add new menu options each and every month, shop for healthier options like fresh fruits and vegetables or unprocessed meats, and try to prepare great tasting food that the kids will enjoy.  Each kitchen also keeps and monitors a list for each age group and classroom on allergies, or preferred options that parents may have requested for their child.  

  3. Great Preschool Education

    First Adventure uses Handwriting Without Tears for our preschool curriculum.  We have received great feedback from our parents and staff on the success it has had in our facilities preparing the children for the schools in the area.  Many elementary schools in and around Sioux Falls also use it, making for a great transition for the children.  

  4. Well Educated and Passionate Staff

    Our classrooms are filled with staff that not only love their jobs, but also have experience.  All of our preschool classrooms have qualified teachers with a CDA, Early Childhood, or Elementary Education Degree.  All of our management team has been promoted from within First Adventure, having worked in classrooms themselves.  Our staff does a great job of teaching the children, organizing their days, keeping things neat and clean, and always having fun with the kids.

  5. Indoor and Outdoor Areas

    At First Adventure the children have many options for play time.  Each classroom has their own toys and games in the rooms, and we also have multiple spaces the kids get to go and play at each day.  All of our locations have an outdoor playground area, as well as an inside gym.  While we try to get the children outside at least a couple of times each day, the weather does not always cooperate.  That is why we also have an indoor gym that has space to play with toys, ride on scooters or trikes, play games, and get out of the classroom from time to time.  We also use the gym area for meals, keeping spills and food out of the classrooms.

  6. Locally Owned and Operated

    First Adventure Learning Center began as a small facility in 2010, after Jessie Holte had been operating an in home daycare for the previous five years. We try to keep that family oriented feeling of the in home daycare in our facilities. The owners, Jessie and her husband Ryan, are in the facilities daily, making sure things are kept running the way that they should be. They also have two wonderful daughters going to school here in Sioux Falls.

  7. Three Convenient Locations

    We have expanded and grown throughout the years so that we can better serve the families of Sioux Falls, while also providing opportunities for our staff to grow in their careers. We are so happy to be a part of the Sioux Falls community, and thank you for the opportunity and trust parents give us in taking care of their children.

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